Anna Delamora

Project Coordinator

Anna has over six years of experience working in the construction industry. Anna is responsible for various aspects of Remington Nevada’s business including the tracking of all projects, permits and bids, as well as managing the status of all projects under construction. Additionally, Anna assists in the creation of budgets, construction submittals, pay applications, meeting agendas, corporate meeting minutes, and maintenance of insurance records and coverage. Anna plays a vital role in ensuring that all items related to construction are on track and progressing in a timely manner to help ensure all developments are completed on schedule.

As a mother of five, Anna is well adjusted to a very fast-paced environment that has trained her to tackle many tasks in an efficient and timely manner. Outside of her role at Remington Nevada, Anna enjoys spending time with her family, traveling and taking her kids to the movies on the weekends.

  • (702) 222-1420

I have worked directly with Anna on a daily basis for four of the past five years. Anna’s work ethic, tenacity and eagerness to learn have resulted in tremendous growth within her professional career. Her developed skill set and desire for continued professional growth lend themselves to a successful working environment and provide great value for her as a member of any project team.

-Rob Wells, PIC LLC Managing Member

Professional Skills

Building Plans
Construction Project Bidding
Document Processing/Control
Project Coordination

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